our mission


Having a sense of membership, belonging, and safety – @PaceCoreCA provides a psychological and physical safe space; clear behavior expectations and consequences, caring relationships, and connection with family and community groups.

Since 2009, @PaceCoreCA has provided positive youth development programs for teens and young adults throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Our premise is that all teens and young adults, regardless of socio-economic status, gender, sexuality, ethnic or religious background, physical challenges and limits to intellectual or developmental abilities need open access to each other in order to build stronger, more sustainable communities.

We believe that many teens and young adults gain direct benefit from experiential learning activities and personal coaching focused on supporting growth in three general areas:
        • Life-skills coaching
        • Mentor-leadership development
        • Diversity awareness training

Engagement in these types of activities helps prepare young people for a healthy, happy, and safe adulthood.  Failure to develop in these areas limits a young person’s perspective and the depth of knowledge needed to thrive and flourish in their formative years.  Lack of support in these areas often leads to lowered personal expectations, lack of academic growth, risky behaviors, and negative attitudes.



Having a sense of responsibility, one's own personality, and pro-social values – @PaceCoreCA provides positive role models, adult relationships, and recognition of responsible behavior.


Being an active participant, having an impact – @PaceCoreCA provides opportunities for leadership, youth voice, community service, and civic engagement.