Mentor-Leadership Development

Building, nurturing and strengthening personal and professional relationships by modeling, mentoring, monitoring, motivating and multiplying new mentors and leaders in our communities.

Bob Twomey, Founder & Executive Director.  For the past 30 years, Bob has coached and mentored youth throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Mentor-Leadership Program was created in 2009 by Bob Twomey as a Sunday offering ofFiona Ma’s MaSquadCA Internship Program. Our first class of Fellows completed the course in 2010. Assemblywoman Ma funded the program until her term ended in 2012.

Our primary focus continues to be stimulating and developing personal and collective power awareness and encouraging community engagement while helping young adults better understand how to leverage public and private relationships. 

​Under Bob Twomey's leadership, these middle school, high school, community college, university, and postgraduate students from throughout the SF Bay Area, United States, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa contributed time and talent to proactively engage in community action and activities.

Major accomplishments include practical skills development, talents assessment, annual model legislatures, talent shows at the Pomeroy Center, exhibits for the California State Fair, a public service announcement for the Weaverville Joss House, helping to save the Bison Herd at Golden Gate Park, voter registration activities, community Festivals, outreach in Visitacion Valley and Alameda County.

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Sandlot Squirrel. Coordinator of Gung Ho! & Nene Activities.

Worthwhile Work, Individually Directed, Enthusiastic Support.


Power Awareness & Community Engagement rooted in Core Values


Diversity Awareness 

Activities and outings focused on historic struggles, multicultural experiences, challenges related to physical & intellectual abilities and traditions of Bay Area communities.

Life-Skills Coaching

Learn the key tools required for accessing a healthy, happy, safe adulthood and necessary for a productive personal and professional life.